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 Each Macassar Ebony board has unique characteristics. The species offers high variability of grain and color. The unique patterns of the wood add to the natural beauty of the species.

In the small areas of the jungle we harvest, from this extraordinarily high variety essentially one species is being collected for export - Macassar Ebony.

Further, because there are no access roads or trails to these interior forests, trees are harvested literally by hand.  Selected trees are felled and dragged downhill by manpower.  This is accomplished by slings affixed to the shoulders of workers.

As Ebony is extremely heavy and difficult to drag by local villagers, the very narrow band of white wood (sapwood), prone to subsequent insect infestation on the outside of the log under the bark is cut off. The very center of the log (heart) is cut out, because the hearts are dimensionally unstable and crack, and the "square logs" or "cants" are dragged downhill by manpower to the nearest trail. At this trail, the cant is generally attached to a domesticated buffalo, which farther drags the cant to the nearest village or primitive road.

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